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Random Questions

  1. What the hecks up with the Comment Box?! I can't seem to see my cursor in it.

    This is a great question, I've banged my head against several walls trying to fix it. But low and behold I thinks I got it.

    This is the annoying Comment Box! This is what we want to see when we put our cursor in the Comment box.

    Click on the gray area, (I know you aren't going to see anything yet) Type something random. BAM!! There you go! It's magic.

    Brought you by Nisy Kitty :P

  2. Why do I keep getting this Register Now when I go on certain Tabs?

    It's simple, I want you to join. It's free, what do you have to lose? Nothing. I'm trying to get you to walk on the wild side. Come and join, we bid you welcome. v--v

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